Junior Golf: First Experiences
Junior Golf
June 16, 2020
Friends on Tour

Friends on Tour

Friends on the Tour

Excerpts from our days on the tour

One of our favourite things during a tournament were the putting matches after a round of golf. No matter how the round went good or bad, we would all meet on the putting green after lunch for a small wager. It became a tradition.

The putting matches would last for hours with great banter amongst ourselves. We would tease each other on our scores for the tournament and targets were set for the remaining of the competition. It was most likely that the guy with a bad round would be the hottest on the putting green and would take all our money! It was some type of an equaliser by the golfing gods.

This particular picture is from Delhi Golf Club and with everyone in their winter clothing I remember that this was during the cold season. This little putting exercise would rid us of all the stress of the tournament and we would leave the course delighted to our respective homes/hotels and it also left us with a fresh mindset for the remainder of the tournament.