Frequently Asked Questions

1What advice would you have for a complete beginner at the game?
The best thing you can do is to just start. So get to a driving range, hire the golf clubs and most importantly - take lessons from a professional.
2When can I start learning from a professional?
You can start at any stage because a professional has knowledge of all aspects of the game and can help speed up the learning process.
3What should I keep in mind when choosing a golf coach?
Credentials and availability are two important factors that will determine if the coach is a good fit for you. However, keep in mind that a good working relationship with a coach only develops after a few lessons.
4How soon will I start to see results?
Your results will depend on: 1. The time given to practice 2. Type of practice 3. Dedication towards the game 4. Frequent visits to the driving range and the golf course
5What’s the difference between videotape lessons and online lessons?
While videotape lessons take place in person and the coach is physically able to make changes on the spot, online lessons are done by sending videos to the coach to analyse.
6What is the mentorship program?
The mentorship program is designed to help players achieve their goals of becoming professional golfers while providing a support system that helps them manage the challenges along the journey.